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At What Cost?


At what cost to me
To love my fellow man?
To love all of them,
Men, women, black, brown
Red or white?

At what cost to me
To extend compassion,
Respect, love, and my hand?
At what cost?

What cost to me,
To reach out and touch someone,
To see them as the same as me,
The same emotions, the same desires,
The same reactions to love,
And to pain?

What does it cost to anyone,
To see others as part of themselves,
A family of mankind instead
of separation and fear?

What cost to my soul,
If I choose love instead of hate, and
Pass that onto others?
No matter what they believe, or say,
Or do and don’t agree with me?

What cost to me if I choose to begin,
And end every day knowing I had enough
Room in my heart and my life that encompasses
All that I see, and those I don’t see?

What cost to me?
Nothing, it costs me nothing to send love,
To want peace for all.

But if I feel hate and send that out,
It costs me everything.  

Kay Ekwall©June 30, 2020

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