At What Cost? It’s Turkey Time!  
And My Love I Have No Heart Simplicity
A Robin Cried In The Years of Believing Somewhere
A Lovers' Quarrel Illusions Slumbering Dreams
Incongruities Song of the Mountain
I Did Love You Surya
Simeon Says
Is This Love? Splitting Time
In the Quiet Special Angels
A Grain of Sand Inspired Strange Loving
A World Alone In My Dreams Sometimes I Wonder..
A Tale of A Cat I Will Have A Day Soul Rendevous
A Love Affair I Passed By A Rose Sacred Places
In A Vision If I Wished So Easy
A Magnificent Obsession In My Dreams Soul Memories
A New Day In the Soft Silence.. Sweet Surrender
Ah, the Pain Indecision T
A World Alone I Had A Dream... The Legend of Love
A Sonnet for Maxfield In A Vision Tap, Tap, Tap
About Betty Inspiration The Butterfly of Life
Ah, the Pain I Say A Little Prayer or Two The Spirit of Christmas
J-K The Gathering
L Trolling
And There You Were.... Let Me Ask The Darkness
A Requiem for Love Love's Breath Temptation
All Wrapped Up Lost in a Dream Take Nothing for Granted
Anticipation Loving You The Moon Speaks of Love
Angels and Elephants Looking in the Eyes of Love There's No Such Thing As.....
And the Fiddler Played Life The Masquerade
And Then.... Liberated The Hunger

All There Is

Ancient One

Life Review Trusting In Love
Love is What You Are There was a Time
Broken Hearts Lonely Nights Time
Black Feet Living in a White Man's World The Final Act
Back Again Light The Candle There's Something About..
Bring 'em On Love Is... To My Cyberfriend
Blue Eyes Life is a Flower The Designs of Love
Betrayal of the Heart Lost Youth The Kiss
Buttons M To My Love
Be Kind Day Miles of Dreams The Art of Love
Before You Mountain Sunrise The Chip
  My Dream of Someone The Most Silent Night
C Mother Nature at Play T'out L'Amour
Choices My Miracle Puter The Midas Touch
'Cat'-agorical Imperative My Puzzle The Season of Patience
Christmas Spirit My Depression To Quinn
Chicken Soup My Christmas Wish The Bee's Knees
Coming From Pain Mousey Tears ...Don't Come
Changing Times My Hell Taking Off the Mask
Corona Virus Memories Tantalyzing Secrets
D Morning’s Glory The Tears of the Children
Drifting My Truest Love The Silence
Don't Love Me Michael, Un Ange, Especiale Trapped
Dance With Me Musings This Is Your Job
Dancing on the Edge My Prayer Touching Souls
Debbie My Memory Album To My Friend
Daddy's Little Girl Mittens To Dave
Diamonds Are Forever N The Innocents
  No Land The Gift
    The Words of a Poet
E No Name This I Can Attest to You
Empty Eyes No Shells
Earth Tones   Unrequited Love
Exquisite Torture O Update Cupid!
Ever So Lightly Oh to be in love Venus in Retrograde
Enchanted Ode to a Blackberry  
  Ode to a Tree W-X
F P Was that You?
First Breath Procrastination With this Rose
Fools Games Possibilities Wind
Finding Peace Passages Why?
From Out Of The Twilight Pain is........ We Weren't Supposed To..
Fog Pillars of Desire What can You Do With Love?
G Parents What Dreams May Come
Go Softly Penned Friends Who Do You Think You Are?
Going Through the Motions   Wholeness
Ghosts of the Past Q  
Guideposts Quiet Purity Y-Z
    You Wanted To Know
H R Young Love
Horrible-Wonderful Romantic Illusions Your Words
Hide Away Romancing the Divine  
How Could I? Reminiscence  
Home Again Remember When  
Hope For A New Day Reflections
How Can I Tell You... Re-Union
Rainbows' End
How Long Ron  
75 Is Just Perfect!!!!!





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