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 Love is What You Are


Love is all you are
Love is everything you are.

Love is your inheritance
Given freely, for you to share…
As freely.

There is no difference between you
And the other, for the other is you.

When you hate another,
You hate yourself.

When you fear another,
That fear is in you.

True liberation
Is freedom from the fear
Within yourself.

Attachment to this world
Only brings limitation to the illusion
Of separation.

You are not separate from that rock
Sitting in that stream.
Nor from that bird,
Floating on that breeze.

You are not separate from that dictator
That promises much, but brings only pain.

For he is you, and you are he.
You both share the darkness, and the light.

To struggle against either
Sharpens the polarities within yourself.

To look at another with judgment,
Condemns yourself.

To believe in illness and death,
Is to participate in it, for you
Are giving it power over you.

Remember that you are God,
Everyone is God, everything is God
Working through God experience.

When you meet another,
See only god working through them.
And know…..the same is of you.

There is nothing to fix,
For nothing is broken.
There is nothing to save anyone from,
Especially yourself.

All is in divine order,
And all happens in divine timing
The plan to unfold.

Be at peace.

Listen to that quiet space within.

Your questions will be answered,
In the perfection of what is only for you.


Kay Ekwall© 2003


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