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My Prayer


Oh Lord, please let us wake up this day,
with no reports of crazy people killing innocents,
whether in our country or in other lands.

Oh Lord, please let us see more love
and harmony, instead of hate and fear,
put into practice by all.

Oh Lord, let all of us examine our ways,
of how we chose our words, our actions,
and chose to use the days wisely.

Oh Lord, help us all to forgive and forget,
to practice what you have taught us,
so we have no regrets.

Oh Lord, open our eyes, our ears and our mouths,
to see more clearly what journey we choose to take,
to hear others with our hearts,
to speak our truth without attacking,
and set our feet on a higher path.

Oh Lord, be with and bless
all living things, but
especially the earth,
that life to us brings.

Oh Lord, thank you for this day you have given us,
A day of thanksgiving,
that should be practiced by all,
each and every day,
not just one day a year.


Kay Ekwall Nov 21, 2018



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