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All Wrapped Up


Like a Christmas present,
you wrapped me up..
tied me with a bow
and set me under your tree.
You pass me by and sigh,
gazing at that time
that used to be.
You tip-toe
to my essence
and hold that memory,
the scent,
the feel of me.
And, then, you put me down
and walk away
time after time
until another day.
Sometimes you get brave
enough to open me
for a new experience
another time to treasure
when you are down.
Then, you wrap me up again
and tie me with a bow
and then you walk away.
As I lie beneath your tree,
I muse .....what
would be your reaction
to find me..no longer there,
no longer
waiting for your love.
My wrappings are getting dingy,
crinkled with use,
the bow.....tattered and torn,
from your opening
and closing
the present of me...
like the waxing and waning
of the tide's
sweet breath, in..and out,
then it's gone.
Left wondering, am I
at how long I can lie
under your tree
in all my finery,
for I am...
all wrapped up...
and no place to go.


Kay Ekwall ©1999


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