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  Don't Love Me


Don't love me because
I'm beautiful.
My beauty is in my soul.

Don't love me because
I cook for you.
fried chicken
can't make
you whole.

Don't love me because
I clean for you,
your inner self
is cleared
from inside.

Don't love me because
you need me,
in empty spaces
you can't hide.

Don't love me because
there is no life
without me,
because I
know there is.

Don't love me because
of physical desire,
for I'll think
all caring is only this.

Love me because
it's as easy
as breathing, glistening
eyes in our sight.

As natural as the sun
that shines,
in the dawning or
evening light.

Love me, as I do love you,
whether near
or far apart.

No limitations, there are
no boundaries,
our spirits will
never part.

Love me for the light
here in my eyes,
that's meant
for only you.

And if tomorrow
one would be gone,
there would always
still be two.

I don't love you because
you bring me flowers,
or sweet sonnets
in the spring.

I love you because you
send me rainbows
that connect
our hearts
on wings.

Love me, oh love
as though
we were old and gray,
for then, you'll
love me just the
same as you
do today.



Kay Ekwall©1998

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