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I Have No Heart



I have no heart for others now,
I have no song to sing.
The playfulness t’was in my soul,
was left with just a sting.
For when you left, you took my joy,
my reason for being on this earth.
How can I face another day,
another love to birth?
You said you gave me your heart,
so now I would have two.
Why is there just emptiness?
is it the same for you?
You said I’d be so easy to love,
and it’s me you’d always choose;
How then, could you just walk away,
our special love to lose?
I have no heart, for I gave you mine,
there’s only sadness here inside.
All the loneliness that I feel,
is that which I must hide.
My question is not…how can I love
without your arms, your smile.
My question is…how can I live
with you always on my mind?
I know that time will erase this pain,
and love may come again.
The season of winter always transforms
into a lovely spring.


Kay Ekwall
Nov. 19, 2000


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