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  Looking in the Eyes of Love

    I have looked in the eyes of love,
          it saw me there.........waiting.
    Love stopped, held me for an instance
         then closed its' eyes and left
    without a word, without a glance.
         I could feel its' sadness,
    a wish for more, a desire for
        wholeness and completion...
    but Love had no courage to become
        the butterfly it was intended to be.

    I watched its' departure, wistfully
        knowing the confusion, all the while
    seeking its' own path, its' own journey into
        a world of its' own making, seperate
    from mine. And in that journey, Love
        would experience what it needed
   to .....love where it wanted to , find joy
               ......and sadness.

    I released Love......to its' destiny
         for mine lay in different directions,
    and I knew I had my own experiences
        for my lessons.......and I breathed
    a sigh.....of relief in the resolution of love.



                       Kay Elaine Ekwall
                         copyright, l999

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