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 No Name

No name can I sign.....
the reasons I cannot tell.
For you are the highest hope for me,
a queen I want to hold.
The sweetest girl
I've ever seen,
too far above me
to hope to attain.
The distance grows between us,
with every passing year,
my hopes and dream
do wash away
drowning in my tears.
I am sending you this
letter, because I have to say..
I can't ask you for a date,
but all my love...anyway."

Brown and worn the pages now,
on which you sent your love...
Again last night,
I took them out...of
the treasure box,
and I hugged them
closer still,
clasped within my heart
stirring memories
of a young girl....a letter
addressed to her,
vows of love from
a shy young man,
to afraid that he would fail.
Hoping to obtain
the unattainable, lost..
in the hopelessness of his love,
wasting all that precious timne
keeping it inside.

Through the years, she kept it,
and in the darkest hours...
opened it once more
and read those words
of yore....
Smiles replaced the tears
that flowed,
frowns would go away,
remembering his love
brightened up her day.
Then she would find
some joy......
that someone of long ago
said he loved her,
carried her in his heart,
and I still...
thank that little boy.


Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright, l999

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