Ode to a Tree

Oh ancient one,
you stand before me
with your branches spreading wide,
tall and magnificent.
The stories you could tell me
of times gone by.
How many people have passed by
and you have seen their lives,
filled with hope, and struggle?
Oh ancient one
will you still be standing
when my time on earth is done.
Will you bear witness
to a future filled with love,
or one struggling to survive?
Oh ancient one,
may I sit under your shelter
and hear your stories,
of your past, the present,
and your hopes and dreams.
Can I go back in time
and see you as a seedling,
new green leaves sprouting
from fertile grounds?
Were there older oaks
that sheltered you,
protecting from the winters’
snow, and colder times.
Do you wonder as I do,
where they have gone,
and how many new lives
had they started?
Oh ancient one,
can I share my hopes
and dreams with you,
knowing you are listening,
as gentle breezes
flutter through your leaves.
As the hues of sunset
spread through the skies,
I see the glitter of gold,
and fuchsia reflected in your glory.
Squirrels chatter and scurry,
into their cozy homes
which you provide so freely.
I smile and my heart opens
as such thoughts
meander through my mind,
and give thanks for all you have been.


Kay Ekwall ©Jan 13, 2022

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