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Travel with me
          to a time...of ancient days.
Close your eyes
          my King,
feel the soft, warm breeze
          whispering across the ocean
inserting itself through chiseled
          stone windows....fluttering
flimsy window coverings
          kissings our faces in a steamy

Picture, oh leader of men
           a time of peace, our clothes
simple, hanging on our bodies
          draped in folds.
Look down at your feet,
          and see, soft leather sandals
guilded and beaded finely.

You stroll forward to a crystal clear pool,
          intricate designs of snowy white and
azure blue weaving a story, oils and blossoms
          floating on the surface.
Steps lead into the water,
          inviting your prescence, you gaze
at me...your handmaiden...
          I help you to undress,
sliding sandals off yourfeet, uncatching your
          robe....it falls.........
into a delicate heap at our feet, and you,
          are on a journey of pleasure.

Around the room, large earthenware vases
          filled with aromatic flowers gently
scent the area with each carress of the wind.
          Bowls of succulent, abundant fruit
are yours for the taking.

I lather fine soaps into my hands which I
          run over your head, each strand gently,
your face, your neck.....Softly, then I massage
          your hard, lean body, melting the
knotted muscles into compliance as the
          tension leaves your shoulders, your back,
your chest...Languidly, I let my fingers run
          through the hair on your chest,
lifting and curling as I play.

I lift large jars of water ......rinsing the soap
          off your body..bubbles cascading
downward and floating in the pool, making sure
          there is none left to irritate your bronzed
skin for your days work.


Kay Ekwall ©1999

Index of Poems, Songs and Short Stories

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