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The Legend of Love

 Once in a million lifetimes
comes....a love like ours.

Once in a thousand heavens
a blossom unfolds....
crystal leaves revealing
diamonds and rubies within.

Once in the sould dance 'Eternity'
can there rise a heart
filled with 'you' .....and with 'me'
dancing, twirling....endlessly.

Once in my mind can I promise
my desire would'st be only for you,
never a moment forsaking our truth,
where ever that maybe.

Once in my heart I have found
the inspiration that you give to me,
talking away all sorrow
giving joy, creating hope
finally open for us to see.

Once and then again, once more
you kiss me on my brow
holding my hunger to your heart,
filling our needs somehow.

Once, then twice, then never ending
can'st thou touch our sweetness there,
for brightly shines your love and mine,
darkness cast no cares.


Kay Ekwall

Dec. 12, 1999

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