The Timing is Late


This morning, early I started getting some words, that were coming so fast and I realized I needed to remember them and write them down.I asked, what was those words? They came and were gone so fast.I asked again, what are the words and more came to me. I asked ‘who’ are you?

Then I saw a sweet little black girl, standing on the other side of a window,with those stripes that make them look like window panes. Her face seemed to be behind one so fuzzed out but I could see her hair, her clothes etc. Then,half way through this, I saw her face, such a sweet face, big brown eyes, and she was smiling at me.Then more words came to me and I got up and wrote them down, as they came so I didn’t forget them.

The Timing is Late


The timing is late
with the fear and the hate.
It's all coming true,
for me and for you.

It's time to turn around,
put our feet on the ground,
wave our hands in the air,
to show that we care.

The service is dark
as we kneel to pray.
Hear our pleas,
make the hate go away. 

Life should be simple,
life should be grand,
holding each other,
hand within hand. 

Your are my brother,
sister too,
how many others
think like you? 

Heavy hearts come down this road,
each one carrying a terrible load.
Hear us now before it's too late,
heaven is near...
don't close the gate.


kay ekwall june 8, 2020


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